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 Jorrits admin app

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PostSubject: Jorrits admin app   Tue May 18, 2010 12:56 pm

yo guys,

I seen alot autoers, dupers, ghosters and some noobs who think they can Winning.
Now thats dumb from that people.
Some days ago i cought a duper noob.
I want to help chance the ghosters/hackers and all the players who break the rules.
Sometimes i help newcomers.
Giving information to players.
Give prices of wepons away (if i know)

I play when i am out from school much as i can.
I live in the Netherlands
I am >15< years old
I hate players who break the rules
I love fe and hanging out with friends

name: Jorrit
age: 15
land: Netherlands-Holland
skin: white

I got respect for players and i wish em gl with playing but i dont have respect if they cheat!!!

I'm clear if there any quests my name is Jorrit on server you probably know me.
Or ask other players

about myself:

I live in a realy cool part of the netherlands.
My hobby's are:fishing, mountainbiking :>, running, playing fe of course
i dont do much more... but i hope you know what i want as admin.

hope ya like this guys oh and eeh <33
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Jorrits admin app

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