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 Admin Application 3.0 (Redone) By Venngil★

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PostSubject: Admin Application 3.0 (Redone) By Venngil★   Mon May 31, 2010 11:52 pm

Fallen Evolution Name: Venngil

Real Life Name: Jesse Alan Casebeer

Age: 12

Hours I Go On FE Daily : 5 hours at minimum. I am a night owl, and my sister Kinriku is on the computer most of the day. I go on the computer for 3 hours at night. And I usually go on for atleast 2 hours during the day.

Facts About Me: I absolutely LOVE music, I can hardly live without it. I like conversing with other people on Fallen Evolution. The people on the admin team are probably my favorite people on FE (not kissing their @$$es). I live in Tacoma, Washington, USA. My birthday is May 1st 1998. I like playing electric guitar. I am also a gamer. And as one could call me, I am an Otaku (an anime lover).

Personality: I am a very loving and lovable person. Anyone on FE who knows me or talks to me knows that I am never angry and never flame, even if I can sound emo at times (lol).

What I Am Applying For And Why: I am applying for the position of mere moderator. I am doing this because I have no talent when it comes to pixeling and mapping (points for honesty). I am a very good worker. As Shorty said, an admin position is only work, work, work, even for mod. And that is a risk I am willing to take.

Authors Note: I love Fallen Evolution, I in all honesty think it is the best server on the SLN. I have 94 hours and 24 minutes playtime. (Not trying to seem overconfident or impatient but. . .) I got recommended for moderator by Taco (Otakulove) and Kingy (Kingfreek). Thank you for taking the time to read this application. I apologize for dragging it on for an eternity. But next time there are trials or open mod positions, you all should take me in to consideration, thank you.

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Admin Application 3.0 (Redone) By Venngil★

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