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 Scores application (generic title is generic)

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PostSubject: Scores application (generic title is generic)   Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:15 pm

Hey, first off I tried to think of something witty for the title but couldn't, second I'm applying for a moderator position.

About me:

Well, my names Jade (yea girls name I know, lets move on) and I am a 17 year old male who lives in MANitoba Canada, I spend a couple hours a day on FE, depends on when I work (gotta make dem $$$). I like to do generic 17 year old stuff such as listen to music etc etc etc i'm sure you can fill in the etc's (why do people want to know my hobbies if i'm gonna be a mod?)


I'm pretty cool (at least thats what my mom says), easy to get along with and I never get angry (srsly) I don't look down on anybody or think of myself is superior or any of that sort of stuff.

What chu applyin fo?:

I'm applying for a moderator position since I'm not a very good pixel artist or mapper, if I am chosen to be a moderator rule breakers will be severely punished (Twisted Evil)

I guess that covers everything (I think) if you guys decide to promote me, cool, if not, cool.
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Scores application (generic title is generic)

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